What is PYL?


Coaches and high-ranking Technicians in North and Central America and part of Europe are talking about PYL (Professional Yinastic League), in which we have the answer since the PYL Team passed us information.

This is a project for high performance, but we will also have a development level, minor leagues and semi professional leagues, but right now we will be developing the professional league, and none of this will interfere with regular gymnastics, we would give financial support to the gymnasts that don’t have any, a grand support so that they can finance their careers and for those that for belonging to strict teams do not have the opportunity to compete in the world arenas or olympics, this would be a very good option for our sport and the myth that gymnastics costs a lot and in the end you do not have an economic future. We would be an opportunity more for those that would like to make a career out of this sport, this is our mission, for this reason we need to all support this project that will do our sport justice.

In other words, a Professional League for Gymnasts is coming, and this is really very interesting, knowing that this sport, one of the most watched in the Olympic Games and with a large number of participants in the world, can achieve excellence.

Clubs with their gymnasts will be preparing for the upcoming PYL events and this will really be exciting.


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